ANAS corresponding member Aminaga Sadigov was a guest of the “Professionals Talk” Series 01.03.2019 10:58 / CONFERENCES, ASSEMBLIES

Head of the Head Office of Science and Education of ANAS Presidium, corresponding member of ANAS Aminaga Sadigov was a guest of the program of US-educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association “Professionals Talk”.

Scientists and teachers of scientific and educational centers of the country, as well as Doctoral and PhD students attended the meeting on topic “Science and Education: New challenges”.

During the event, introducing a video on scientist’s life and scientific activities.

A.Sadigov noted that, science has played an important role in the development of people's lives for centuries and today innovations and technologies are expanding the demand for it. In turn, this process poses a new task for the scientific community such as solving the problems of environmental pollution, climate change and other environmental processes.

He noted that today, science faces an important issue related to molecular biology, genetic engineering, inheritance mechanism, information technology, etc. In addition, as a result of improved management systems, the demand in human labor is reduced. Also, as a result of globalization, complexity is created in preserving the traditions and purity of the native language of nations, and today scientists are looking for ways to solve this problem.

Speaking about the challenges related to education, the scientist stressed the need to improve textbooks in the country, to attract scientists to this activity, and also to reflect the scientific results in books.

Today, ANAS implements projects related to the integration of science and education, establishes relations with universities, creates joint departments with universities, and secondary school students in the framework of the "Scientists of tomorrow" competition had practice at the Academy's scientific institutions.

In conclusion, the scientist respondent the questions of the program participants.

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