The scientific article of our chemist is included in the book published by “Springer” Publishing House 10.01.2019 09:17 / CONFERENCES, ASSEMBLIES

The scientific article by Deputy Director of the Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry, corresponding member of ANAS Mahammad Babanli Doctor of Chemistry Asif Mammadov and Ph.D. in chemistry Ziya Aliyev included in “13th International Conference on Theory and Applications of Fuzzy Systems and Soft Computing ICAFS 2018” 27-28 August 2018, Warsaw, Poland”.

The article is the first scientific work of the Institute's staff devoted to the application of the theory of fuzzy logic theory into the chemical systems by a prominent scientist, Professor Lutfi Zadeh.

Using the Multipurpose Genetic Algorithm (MGA) the liquidus and solidus regions, bimodal and spinodal boundaries of the solid solutions in the system YbTe-SnTe are optimized. The analysis correctly shows that the liquidus and solidus regions in the YbTe-SnTe system cannot be described within the framework of the ideal model of solutions. The use of functions, including the partial molar excess free Gibbs energies of all components, allowed for adequately taking into account deviations from the ideal model of the properties of equilibrium liquid and solid solutions. The analytical relationships between the variables and the phase transition parameters allowed us to estimate the sensitivity of the input data. It is established that the coordinates of the liquidus and solidus curves are insensitive to the melting enthalpy. At the same time, a high sensitivity of the liquidus and solidus coordinates to melting points of the YbTe and SnTe was observed. It was found that, when melting point changes 10 K, the uncertainty areas for the liquidus and solidus vary in a wide range.

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