ANAS Institute of Information Technology held a meeting with the delegation of the Science & Technology Policy Institute (STEPI) 15.10.2019 09:57 / CONFERENCES, ASSEMBLIES

ANAS Institute of Information Technology held a meeting with a delegation of the Institute of Science and Technology Policy of South Korea (STEPI).

During the meeting, Deputy Director for Technology of the Institute, PhD in Technology, associate professor R.Alakparov has greeted the participants of the event on behalf of ANAS vice-president, Director of the Institute, academician Rasim Alguliyev. He noted that, the Institute conducts research in various fields of information technology and the information society, also provides a high level of IT training.

Deputy Director noted that, the organization currently has Research, Educational, Innovation, E-library, Multimedia centers, as well as centers of the scientific computer network AzScienceNet, such as a Data center, Internet service centers, network security centers and AzScienceCERT. The scientific computer network AzScienceNet has joined GEANT- the largest electronic infrastructure that, has served all scientific and educational institutions in Europe since 2016.

R.Alakparov emphasized that, in addition to ANAS research institutes the 18 educational institutions of the country already have access to the AzScienceNet network and the services of Data centers.

Deputy Director also informed on the work done to accelerate the speed of the Internet to 3 Gbit / s and the backup line to 1 Gbit / s as part of the EapConnect project. According to him, a backup channel of 1 Gbit / s speed was carried out for this purpose. It is expected that by the end of this year, Internet traffic will reach 3 GB / s.

R.Alakparov also informed on the Educational and Innovation Center of the Institute, the implementation of Master's proram courses and exams for ANAS students at the center, organization of courses in various areas of information technology for employees of enterprises and organizations, as well as the organization of distance courses, seminars and conferences.

Then, Eunzhoo Kim said that, STEPI plays an important role in developing of science and technology policies, strengthening the global thinking platform for research in this field and developing national competitiveness.

The meeting also discussed collaboration between Azerbaijan and South Korea in the scientific and technical sphere and the prospects for its development. In this regard, the importance of studying, applying, staffing and sharing the experience of Korea was stressed.

Then, were held a discussion and were respondent the questions of the guests.

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