ANAS Institute of History held a meeting with the representative of the Iravan Khans 19.08.2019 14:48 / CONFERENCES, ASSEMBLIES

ANAS Institute of History held a meeting with Amir Ali Sardari Iravani, representative of the Iravan Khans on August 19.

Amir Ali Sardari Iravani is one of the descendants of Iravan Khans Huseynali Khan and Muhammad Khan. He currently lives in Germany.

First, Director of the Institute, academician Yaqub Mahmudov informed the guest about the scientific researches are carried out at the Institute. According to him, the institute plays a leading role in the information war against the Armenian occupation policy. Falsified pages of Azerbaijani history have been rewritten by scientists, and the history of our lost lands in different historical periods is investigated.

The books published by ANAS Institute of History: "Karabakh: real history, facts, documents", "Nakhchivan: history and monuments", "Iravan Khanate: Russian occupation and the resettlement of Armenians to the lands of Northern Azerbaijan" have been translated into different languages and distributed abroad.

He noted that, in 2012, by Order of AR President 13 employees of the Institute were awarded the State Prize of the Republic of Azerbaijan for their works devoted to the history of Karabakh, Nakhchivan and Iravan Khanate.

At the meeting, it was agreed to collect information about the families of Iravan Khans and their individual representatives and to bring them into scientific circulation.

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