Phone (+994 12) 4392193 
Chief  Academician Kadirov Fakhraddin Abulfat oglu
Total number of employees 43 
Basic activity directions   Gravimetry, geodynamics, seismology
Main scientific achievements  Determining regularities of time-space anomalies of the distribution of gravitational field.

Revealing zone of decompaction mud volcano chamber.

2D and 3D gravitational models of deep structure of Azerbaijan were plotted.

Regularities of non-tidal variations of gravity force were studied.

Generation possibility of Kelvin–Helmholtz inner waves in the layers of Upper Mantle was revealed.

Gravitational instability processes were researched in the sedimentary layers of the oil-gas bearing regions of Azerbaijan.

Possibility of convectional movements of sedimentary layers of oil-gas bearing regions was proved and convectional model of hydrocarbon migration was suggested.

As a summary of the complex researches, conception of compensation of gravitational anomaly of SCB was proposed formulated as a result of fast subsidence of continental plate at the expense of activity of hard rocks layers under Moho.

In the department, there conducted researches of tidal variations of gravitational field of various tectonic zones. The analysis of gravitational field data of Sheki station situated in the collision zone allowed revealing daily, half-daily tidal and anomalies interrelated with the seismic processes. There conducted regional and micro-gravimetric measurements for solving geological and engineering tasks.