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Chief  Mammadov Vagif Aga Ali oglu  

Dr. of geography

Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   - Systematic study and modeling of natural and anthropogenic factors’ influence on the changes’ complex in space and time, occuring in the Earth's crust in the territory of Republic;

- Research and development of geo-ecological processes forecasts during prospecting and exploitation of ore and other minerals;

- Classification, mapping and development of geoecological processes’ cadastre;

- Development of measures according to reduction and liquidation of geoenviron- mental problems.

At present time the research work "Geoecological evaluation of the radiogeo- chemical state of river basins of the Azerbaijan Republic" is carried out in department.

Main scientific achievements  - Migration and accumulation peculiarities have been defined by silt load in river basins of microelements.

- Regularity of elements and energy circulation happened between catchment basin→ water supply → sediments have been defined according to multiparameter exploration of quantity and quality indicators of great lakes (area of the surface 1km2) of our republic and their changing directions by anthropogenous influence have been assessed.

- Cadastre recording hydrobiochemical and ecological peculiarities of great lakes has been made.