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Chief  Mammadov Musa Nasib oglu
Dr. of geological-mineralogical sciences, professor 
Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Petrology of magmatic processes;

Typomorphism and structural conditions, paragenesis of rock-forming minerals;

Geochemical aspects of speciation and behavior of the ore-and rock-forming minerals during magmatic melts evolution.

Main scientific achievements  The presence of the decompressed mantle was determined as a result of the petrologic-geochemical factors interpretation in Talysh zone and Khojavend trough that was subjected to melting twice.

The absarakite-shoshonite melt (5-7%) was melted from subalkalic garnet-peridotite substrate in Talysh zone. The subalkalic picrite melt (up to 15%) was melted from the same substrate in the second stage.

In Khojavend trough the substrate according to composition corresponds to metasomatized spinel peridotite, from which subalkalic olivine-basalt (5-7 %) was melted during the early stage but teschenite melts (up to 15%) - during the second stage.