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Chief  Academician Arif Jafar oglu Ismail-Zadeh 
Total number of employees 16 
Basic activity directions   Petrology;

Geodynamics of magmatism;

Metasomatism and ore formation;

Ore-magmatic systems;


Research works according to priority trends of the petrological profile, based on the results of many years works in the Caucasus, according to the determination of the fundamental principles of the magmatic formations relationship with mineral deposits within the geodynamic heterogeneous structural zones are conducted in the department.

Main scientific achievements  It has been determined the petro-geochemical criteria for the formation of the Alpine magmatic and ore-bearing metasomatic complexes of different geodynamic regimes, reflecting the role of mantle-crustal processes in their metallogenic specialization.

It has been revealed spatial-temporal regularities of formation of different types of ore-magmatic systems within heterogeneous developing plates - tectonic structural zones of the Caucasian segment;

It has been determined geodynamic regimes of Mesozoic-Cenozoic magmatism manifestation, reflecting the role of endogenous processes deep activation in their manifestation and geodynamic evolution;

It has been revealed metallogenic peculiarities and potential ore content of the structural-formational zones, forming in different geodynamic settings;

It has been correlation connection of the oil and gas formation in the Caspian basin with the tectonic-magmatic activation cycles of the Caucasus and it has been proposed the model of deep-fluid origin of hydrocarbons;

It has been determined and characterized the main plate-tectonic zones of Azerbaijan, it has been revealed their polycyclic development in the Phanerozoe and rejuvenation tendency from north to south;

It has been compiled tectonic map of Azerbaijan on the geodynamic basis (1:1 000 000), reflecting the geodynamic conditions of structural-material complexes formation of the fold systems, location regularities of these mineral deposits in them;

It has been investigated the metamorphic and metasomatic processes of magmatic and ore complexes.

At present time “Atlas of ore-magmatic systems of Azerbaijan” with the predictive estimation on their potential ore content is compiling.