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Chief  Academician Huseynov Dadash Aga-Javad oglu
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Basic activity directions   Fluid-dynamics and mud volcanic processes, time and space modeling of sedimentation processes, hydrocarbons generation, thermobaric conditions of sedimentary basins, assessment of hydrocarbon potential, reservoir properties and phase state of the fluids at great depths.
Main scientific achievements  The assessment of generation potential and areas of distribution of individual stratigraphic complexes of the MesoCenozoic and the corresponded focuses of oil-gas forming in water area part of the South Caspian depression, their evolution and degree of potential realization is given on the base of geochemical and lithofacial data and 3D basin modeling; The basically gas-generating role of Aalenian-Bajocian and Valanginian deposits as well as the oil-gas generating role of the Paleogene-Miocene deposits in the South Caspian depression had been established on the base of genetic typification of kerogen; It had been established that oils in the South Caspian depression, generated by the Paleogene-Miocene deposits, are characterized by light isotopic composition of carbon (ICC), and the Middle- Late Miocene (Diatom) – by the heavy ICC; The contribution of various stratigtraphic complexes in saturation of reservoirs of the Early Pliocene had been assessed on the base of isotopic-geochemical correlation of kerogen and HC fluids; It had been determined that from land to sea the isotopic composition of carbon of oils gets heavier due to entering the zone of oil-generation of the Diatom deposits; The stratigraphic and hypsometric correspondence of focuses of fluid-generation in the different parts of the South Caspian depression had been assessed on the base of isotopic-geochemical and biomarker studies of HC fluids; The fields of distribution of pore pressures and hydraulic fracturing in the fluid-generating complexes and the related subvertical zones of decompaction, being as the conduits of fluids inflow and the possible zones of HC accumulations (“shale oil”) had been simulated; The improved technique of hydrocarbons prospecting based on the mapping of decompaction focuses (sources of HC generation) and zones of subvertical bodies distribution had been proposed; The ranking of the South Caspian depression by the risk degree and the units of top priority for prospecting had been substantiated on the base of analysis of the modern fluid dynamics and 3D basin modeling.