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Niftaliyev Ilgar Vagif oglu

PhD in history
Total number of employees 10 
Basic activity directions   The Soviet period  of Azerbaijan history 
Main scientific achievements 

1. “Towards the establishment of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and the forming of scientific intelligentsia (1920-1945).”

2.Historical truth about the deeds of the Armenians on the Azerbaijani lands

3.“Activity of the state governmental bodies in Azerbaijan (1920-1941)”

4.Participation of women in government bodies in Azerbaijan SSR (20-30s of the XX century)

5. Participation of women of Azerbaijan SSR in the 1941-1945 years war.

6.The history of the town of Shaki (1920 June, 1941).

7. Training of national personnel for the industry of Azerbaijan SSR in 1941-1945.

8. The export of Baku oil from Azerbaijan at the end of XIX -in the first half of XX century.

9.History of pre-school education institutions in Azerbaijan SSR (1920-1940).

10. Azerbaijan SSR in the expansionist plans of Armenians (20s of the XX century). Baku, 2010.

11.Genocide of Azerbaijanis in Iravan province (1918-1920). Baku, 2014.