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Ataami Bala Baba oglu Mirzayev

Doctor of Philology

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Fuzuli creativity has been studied by well-known scientists in terms of idea and  artistic beauty sufficiently, as well as his influence on the literature of the classical period has been highlighted. Great works had been done in the field of publishing and studying of Azerbaijani classics, including Fizuli’s artistic heritage in Soviet period. These facts can not be denied. However, the art eloquence of Fuzuli whose creativity was formed on the basis of East theoretical system, art of word has been studied within forms of the Greek and the European poetic system, not on the basis of Koran. The research of Fuzuli creativity learned from different aspects is still needed. Because Fuzuli`s eloquence, oratory of language, aphorism, exhortative wisdom was motivated by the Holy Koran.

In particular, according to the new project of the concept of dating history of the Azerbaijani literature, a new look to all times of  literature, especially Fizuli creativity who is an outstanding representative of the Azerbaijani literature of the Middle Ages is necessary. 
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