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Chief  Aslanova Elnara Telman gizi

PhD in Chemistry 

Total number of employees 8
Basic activity directions   The main directions of scien­tific-research works of the laboratory include: preparation of highly branched polymers on the basis of epoxy and sulphimide-containing aromatic monomers and oligomers and crea­tion of perspective polymer materials with their use.
Main scientific achievements  The scientific-research works in the field of synthesis of amine curing agents for epoxide resins have been carried out, and also amine-containing aliphatic curing agents on the basis of diene and olefin hydrocarbons have been prepared.  It has been revealed that the synthesized aminocompounds can be useful as the corrosion inhibitors and antibacterial substances. In addition, the nitrogen containing epoxide resins and unsaturated epoxide oligomer having high epoxide number have been prepared. The reactive sulpho-containing imides, polyetherimides and polyamideimides possessing also antipyrene properties stable at high temperature (300°-400°C) have been synthesized.