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Acting as Director Gasymov Oktay Kazim oglu

Dr. Physics-Math

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Deputy directors For scientific affairs

Kerim Gulu oglu Gasımov

Dr. Biology

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For innovation and transfer

Azad Ramiz oglu Abdurahimov

PhD of Medical Sciences 

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on general questions

Abdullayev Elchin Nariman

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Scientific secretary

Mekhraliyeva Florida Radik gizi

PhD in Biology

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Establishment history 20.07.2016 
Basic activity directions  Physico-chemical basis of biological systems 
Main scientific achievements 

The mutual effect of fibroin molecule with rhodamine 6G molecule has been studied and indicated that, every fibroin molecule combines in itself about 5 molecules of rhodamine-6G, which helps avoid fibroin aggregation. Such system can be a good model for treatment of amyloid diseases. Tomato included into the family of Solanasea has been studied when exposed to high salinity and lack of water through hybrid compounds of plant-origin W-box genes WRKY33 (A and B), AP2 family genes and Norzern, in situ and Western hybrid compounds of expression profile of ERF5 gene.It was found out that, the members of both superfamily have various tissue-specific expression profile in the given condition.

4.46% (p>0.05) reduction was found in the ability of erythrocytes to combine hemoglobin oxygen ligand (Hb) in comparison with control of lysate solution, 1.75% (p>0.05) in the ability to separate relatively Hb ligands from itself, 12.58% (p>0.05) increase in the ratio that characterizes the potential movement of methyl bridges reflecting the conformative changes of pyrol rings of Hb and 11.67% (p<0.05) reduction in the ratio that reflects relative amount of oksiHb. 
Total number of employees 51 
Structural subdivisions

Laboratory of biological active compounds

Laboratory of ecological biophysics

Laboratory of structure, dynamics and function of biomolecules

Laboratory of molecular and cellular biochemisty

Laboratory of integrative biology

Scientific Council:

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Oktay K. Gasymov

Karim G. Gasımov

Florida R. Mekhraliyeva

Azad R.  Abdurahimov

Ilham E. Shahmuradov

Asim  S. Abdullayev

Tokay M. Huseynov

Rasim B. Aslanov

Nagi A. Musayev

Oktay Z. Alakbarov

Arif A.  Mehdiyev

Rovshan T. Aliyev

Ali A. Gadirov 

Council of  Young Scientists and Specialists:

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Ruhiyya Tahiraga Guliyeva

Sevil Mammadhuseyn Maharramova

Aida Mayil Masimli

Arzu Hetamshah  Aydemirova

Laman Mehman Dashdamirova

Elnara Mursal  Mirzayeva

Ramiyya Boyukkishi Hasanova

Dissertation Council

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Trade Union:

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Rasim Bakhtiyar Aslanov

Anar Elbrus Aliyev

Sevil Mammadhuseyn Maharramova

Ruhiyya Tahiraga  Guliyeva

Turana Bahruz Hasanova

Ramiyya Boyukkishi Hasanova 

PR responsible person Khayala Uzeir Hasanova 
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