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Chief  Jasarat Sattar oglu Aliyev
PhD in physics and mathematics
Total number of employees
Basic activity directions  
  1. Radiative transfer in stellar atmospheres;
  2. Problem of the solar activity;
  3. Investigation of nonlinear system of the hydrodynamical equations and their linear perturbations;
  4. The spectral analysis of enormous data from the international astronomical archives;
  5. Distribution of galaxies and quasars on redshifts.  
Main scientific achievements 
  1. It is created the program package for the solution of the  radiative transfer  equation in moving atmospheres;
  2. It has been suggested a new model of influence of planets on the solar activity (spin-orbit coup-ling),  and the program package for calculations  has been created. It is shown that temporary change of the solar spin strongly correlates with the Wolf numbers that characterise solar activity;
  3. It is found  the soliton solution of nonlinear system of the equations of hydrodynamics in a three-dimensional case and the equation of linear perturbation has been solved;
  4. The program package downloading data from the international astronomical archives and automatically carrying out their spectral analysis  is created;
  5. It has been  created the program package, which processes  a enormous database of distribution of galaxies and quasars on the redshifts and it is proved that galaxies and quasars are distributed on space discretely.