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Chief  Jafarov Valeh Jabbar oglu

Corresponding member of ANAS, Prof.Dr.

Total number of employees 11
Basic activity directions   In processing of production, treatment and use of polymer materials the forming side products and secondary raw materials are one of the many factors creating ecological problems in environment. An inclusion of these polymers in recycling processes with the of preparation composition materials with high exploitation indices plays an important role in solution of this problem from ecological and economical points of view. The main direction of activity of the laboratory is the development of the scientific bases of these processes and elucidation of advisable branches of practical application of the developed materials.

With this aim the processes of physical-chemical modification of polymer secondary raw material, synthesis and investigations of various polymers as compatibilizers – appretes, and also use of natural fillers and their wastes for creation of practically useful materials are studied. In the investigations a basic place is paid to study of regularities of observed technological and morphological changes as the basic factors determining properties of the prepared compositions.

Main scientific achievements  There have been comprehensively studied the processes of synthesis of homo- and copolymers of maleic anhydride, their properties as the appretes, antipyrenes and film-forming components and also photo-sensitive materials.

In creation of construction polymer materials on the basis of secondary raw material it has been revealed the perspectivity of use of local volcanic rocks as the fillers. As a result of the carried out investigations the effect of synergism in joint use of determined mineral fillers has been established.

On the basis of side products of propylene oxide production – heavy pyro;ysis resin and other side products the amine-containing curing agents and surface-active compounds showing activity in the “oil-sweeping” process of water-encroached plasts have been prepared.

With use of polymer and oligomer modifiers, on the basis of polyolefins the polymer electrets have been created and studied. The role of polymer-oligomer systems in solution of technological problems of processing of secondary raw material has been revealed.