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Chief  Academician Garibov Adil Abdulkhalig oglu
Total number of employees  
Basic activity directions   Deliver modern information on Nuclear Science and Nuclear Technology to the users and make inputs on the successes of Nuclear science in Azerbaijan into International Nuclear Information System.
Main scientific achievements  • In September 13-15, 2006 a training on “Equipments and Materials Used in Production and Development of Weapons of Mass Destruction” was held for the officers of the Ministry of National Security of Azerbaijan Republic in collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory of and Pacific Ocean North-Western National Laboratory of of US Department of Energy.

• In December 8, 2006 a workshop was held on “Export Control” for the experts of Institute of Radiation Problems of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

• In May 16-18, 2007 a workshop was held on “Proliferation of WMD” for the officesr of State Customs Committee.

• In 2008 a reference book on “The List of Dual-Use Equipments, Materials and Technologies under Export Control” was prepared for the officers of State Customs Committee, State Border Service and the Ministry of National Security.

• October 08-10, 2008 a workshop on “Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons” was held for the officers of State Customs Committee.

• In 2007 64 and at the first half of 2008 46 inputs were made into INIS.