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Chief  Rzayev Eldar Abdulmajid oglu 
Total number of employees  
Basic activity directions   Make ionizing-radiation detectors on the base of the crystals NaI, KI etc. with scintillation properties and determine the fields of their practical application.
Main scientific achievements  A NaI(Tl)-based dosimeter-radiometer has been made to measure equivalent and exposure dose rates of γ-radiation

• Energy range: 0.05-3MeV;

• Sensitivity of γ-rays (Cs137) : 7impulse/h; (mkR/hour);

• Calculating speed: 50000imp/sec;

• Measurement range: 0.01-50imp/hour;

• Sensitivity to γ-background: (Cs137) 0.2imp/sec.; (mkR/hour);

• Measurement error: ±15% .