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Chief  Guliyev Kazim Gafar oglu

PhD in chemistry 

Total number of employees 8
Basic activity directions   Synthesis of functionally substituted cyclopropane containing vinyl monomers, their homo- and copolymers with styrene, methyl methacrylate, conjugated dienes and other monomers covers the creation and use of polymer materials with higher photosensitivity and optical transparency.

During activity of laboratory the scientific-research works on development of efficient methods of synthesis of new class of cyclopropane containing vinyl monomers, on preparation of reactive functionally active polymers on their basis, on study of depen-dences at radical homo- and copolymerization between the structure and reactivity of this type of monomers and regularities and mechanisms formation processes of their high molecular compounds were carried out.

Main scientific achievements  During activity of laboratory the investigations on preparation and effective synthesis of functionalized monomers containing cyclopropane fragments and polymers on their basis, possessing photosensitivity, impact-resistance and higher optical transparency were carried out.

It has been revealed that the polymers, in the composition of which there are functionali­zed cyclopropane-containing fragments due to its properties can be used in many areas. The polymer materials prepared on their basis along with light- and electronosensitivity possess biological activity, impact-resistance, high optical transparency and photosensitivity. On influence of radiation (UV or X-ray) and electron beams, the cyclopropnae-containing polymers are able to form three-dimensional structure – negative type of resist materials.