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Chief  Gahramanov Najaf Tofig oglu

prof., dr.

Total number of employees 13
Basic activity directions   Preparation, investigation and application of effective foamed polymer sorbents for purification of water surface from spilled oil and oil products; mechano-chemical modification of polyolefins with polar monomers and investigation of their processing technology; preparation of composition materials based on polymer mixtures in the process of mechano-chemical synthesis and investigation of technology processing; preparation, investigation and processing of composites based on polymers and mineral fillers; development of polymer coatings with the aim of steel corrosion protection in aggressive media.
Main scientific achievements  Jointly with the collaborators of Azerbaijan State Oil Academy the technology of preparation of high-effective hydrophobic foamed polymer sorbents for purification of water and ground surface from oil and oil products has been developed. The selective influence of volume weight, pore size and cells on regularity of sorption of oil products has been investigated.

Gahramanov N.T. is an author of 232 scientific works, including 2 monographies, 40 patents and authors certificates. Under his leadership 1 doctoral and 6 PhDs theses have been defended.