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Chief  Mammadov Bakhtiyar Ajdar ogluCorresponding member of ANAS, Prof.
Total number of employees 11
Basic activity directions   Development of methods of synthesis of functionally substituted aromatically polyconjugated high-molecular compounds and creation of thermal-stable, high strength, electro-conducting and bioactive polymer materials on their basis; revealing of their regularities of preparation, properties and ways of practical application.
Main scientific achievements  The polymerization reactions of quinines and their copolymerization with some vinyl monomers, and also regularities and products of oxidative homo- and copolycondensation of phenols, diphenols, napthols, aminophenols and aromatic amines have been investigated; the scientific bases have been developed and the mechanisms of these processes have been revealed; the aromatic polyconjugated polyfunctional high-molecular compounds have been synthesized; their compositions with industrial thermoplasts, elastomers and resins with high stable electric properties and bioactivity have been prepared.

A scientific activity of laboratory is reflected in the more than 500 scientific works, including patents and authors certificates. In the laboratory more than 4 doctoral, 25 PhDs theses have been defended.

The collaborators of laboratory jointly with other scientists of IPM have taken part in execution of four grant works.