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Basic activity directions   Scientific directions of laboratory are the development of scientific bases of granulation processes of powdery substances, their capsulation with water soluble and biodegradable derivatives of natural polymers, creation of scientific concepts on hardware design of these processes, development of technological bases of synthesis of sodium, potassium and ammonium salts of carboxymethylcellulose from refined wastes of cotton-cleaning plants.

In the laboratory the scientific works on chemical technology, creation of their scientific bases and mathematical models are carried out. There have created the scientific bases of the processes of moistening of powdery materials, their granulation and drying. In this direction it has been invented the counterflow pipeline drier with inclined dividers and on this base it has been implemented the combined system for efficient drying of the high-moisture materials. From the cotton-cleaning plants wastes there have been prepared the derivatives of natural polymers and it has been carried out the capsulation of granules of mineral fertilizers.

The kinetic regularities have been studied and the mathematical models of formation processes of capsule-forming film on granules, taking into account their form, in the apparatus of “fluidized bed” and drum type have been developed. The scientific basis and mathematical models of granule formation in “fluidized bed” at collision of particles of powdery materials have been developed for the first time.

Main scientific achievements  It has been created the scientific base of synthesis process from cotton wastes of sodium, potassium and ammonium salts of carboxymethylcellulose and the capsulation of granules of mineral fertilizers by them.

The results of scientific works of laboratory are reflected in monography, 140 scientific articles and abstracts, 20 authorship certificates and patents have been received.

In perspective directions it is intended the creation of production technologies of practically useful new materials on the basis of natural polymers.