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Active member Mahmudov Yaqub Mikayil oglu  

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Basic activity directions   To reasearch the history of Medieval Azerbaijan, to study a socio-economical and political history of States existed at that period in Azerbaijan, to study history of diplomacy and culture on the base of authoritative sources and archive materials . 
Main scientific achievements  Medieval history of Azerbaijan, socio-economical and political history of Azerbaijani States (Shirvanshah State, Sajid State, Shaddadid State, Ravvadid State, Tiflis Muslim Emirate, Ildenizid State, Hulagu State, Ag Qoyunlu State, Qara Qoyunlu State and Safavid Empire) existed at that period was studied. It was revealed that as a part of Oriental culture the culture of Azerbaijan got through the Renaissanse and made a significant contribution to the world culture.