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Chief  Tanriverdi Ahmad Pasha 
Total number of employees 14
Basic activity directions   The main acting directions of the department 
The investigation of finance, budgetary-takh, money-credit, banking system and financial market of Azerbaijan Republic. Investigation themes:
•Regulation of economic development with the means of finance-takh, money-credit mechanisms;
•Simplifying of takh system and consideration of takhpayer’s interest in the carried out reforms;
•Improvement of takhation to the small and middle entrepreneurship subjects;
•Connecting the social and budgetary policy of the state;
•Regulation of budgetary incomes and ekhpenditures in the regions of Azerbaijan;
•Raising of finance sustainability of industry institutions;
•Influence mechanisms of money supply and money aggregates to economic processes;
•Credit potential of commercial banks and its utilization;
•Securities and influence of stock markets to the development of the real sector of economy. 
Main scientific achievements