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Total number of employees 18 
Basic activity directions  

1. The research of new oil fields in Azerbaijan, issuing recommendations for their rational processing:

2. Development of new, environmentally friendly technologies for producing base oils that meet future requirements;

3. Development of technology for isolation of the organic (petroleum) of oil saturated land;

4. Application of supercritical fluids for cleaning oil and oil fractions. Built and mastered pilot plant for supercritical extraction (for pilot productive plant of the Institute). 
Main scientific achievements  The novelty of the research is confirmed by obtaining patents of Azerbaijan.

Baku refineries implemented on a number of papers (22 titles ).

New deposits of oil, which were investigated in the laboratory, are recommended as a raw material for fuel and oil refineries in Baku.

A number of industrial plants deasphalting selective purification, dewaxing , hydrotreated oils are built and mastered.

First Refinery "Azerneftyag" of paraffin oil Sangachali-deniz oil production was organized on the created lube that meets modern requirements, performance on basic motor oils (M-8 , M-10 ) 500-600 thousand tons per year.

The production of a wide range of industrial oils I-8; I-12; I-20; I-30; I-40, and the laboratory technology for production of  the base oils. The production of these oils at refineries yielded great benefits. Thus, the refinery "Azerneftyag" 21 laboratory created the technology for production of petroleum products (20-22 titles).

In 2010-2014 two-stage hydrogenation of distillate oil fraction obtained varietal oil Cylinder -12 . The resulting profit amounted to 10 million AZN.