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Chief  Veliyeva Firuza Movsum gizi
Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   1. Mathematical modeling and optimization of the processes researched  in IPCP

2. Development and deployment of a databank of information system

3. Creation of electronic library of institute and connection it to a network of library of academy of sciences 
Main scientific achievements  Kinetic regularity of process of dehydro-genation 4 - vinyl - cyclohexane   at the pre-sence of the modify forms    Ga, Pt – pen-tansil are researched, the mathematical model ethyl benzene dehydrogenations in sterol in the presence of carbon dioxide is developed, defined kinetic parameters of a dehydroalkylation a methylcyclohexane in methanol, the problem of optimization of receiving SNA is solved by oxidation of diesel fraction of a compound of the Baku oils