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Chief  Bakhtiyar Mazahim oglu Jalilov 
Total number of employees 13
Basic activity directions   Historical-analitical investigations due to the problems of the ancient metals and metallurgy of Azerbaijan.  
Main scientific achievements  Beginning of the period of early metal production in Azerbaijan and its characteric features. 

Determination of the typological features of the metal objects found from the archaeological sites due to the archaeological periods by the spectral analysis of their chemical composition.

Determination of the sources of the metal deposits that presumably had been used for the metal production at ancient period in Azerbaijan.

Discovery of the copper-arsenic period in Azerbaijan.

Discovery of Tin - one of the main component that has been used in the bronze production and it was imported to Azerbaijan from the South-Eastern countries 

Lead objects had firstly been used in Azerbaijan in III milleniums BC

Determination of the period of the use of zink inside of the copper alloy in Azerbaijan (second half of the II milleniums BC. )