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Goshgar Oruj oglu Goshgarli

Doctor Philosophy of History 

Total number of employees 11 
Basic activity directions    
Main scientific achievements  Division is studying the archaeological remains in the areas of new buildings. Over the past ten years due to the increasing number sold in the country large-scale economic projects department investigated dozens of archaeological sites in the area of these works. Among the largest studies are the following:

1. Study of archaeological sites in the area of pipeline BTC and South Caucasus gas pipeline. Studied here of more than 40 different times and diverse monuments .

2. Study sites in the northeastern region of the country , in connection with the construction of trunk highway , complex Tahta - Kerpen , reconstruction of the Samur - Absheron canal and a new branch Shollar plumbing.

3. Study sites in Tovuz , in connection with the construction of the reservoir near the village Tovuzchayskogo Gazygulu .

4. Study sites in the construction zone Sangachal oil terminal .

5. Along with archaeological research in the area of new construction in recent years, the department conducts stationary excavations of the medieval city Shabran.