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Nadjaf Museibli Alesker oglu  

Doctor of Historical Sciences
Total number of employees 14
Basic activity directions    
Main scientific achievements  1.   Have taking wide-ranging archaeological investigations and have opened a lot of archaeological monuments of Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Bronze age are dating VII – II thousands B.C. in Gandja-Gazah, Nahchivan and Gabala regions of Azerbaijan. In time of archaeological research in Agstafa district of Azerbaijan, in Hasansu Neolithic settlement have found archaic stone tools and grounded of native origin of Shomutepe archaeological culture.

2.   Have taking archaeological research in Gandja-Gazah region and Gabala district of monuments of Leylatepe culture (Chalcolithic time, setlements: Beyuk Kesik, Poylu, Galaeri and Soyugbulag kurgan). Have determinate main characters of origin and areal of Leylatepe culture. At first founded and researched Soyugbulag kurgans, which belonged to Leylatepe culture and these kurgans are the most ancient kurgans in South Caucasus.

3.   Have fixed more than one thousand rock paintings of Bronze Age in archaeological complex of Gemigaya (NahchivanAR, Ordubad district). Have compared these rock paintings with others synchronic rock paintings from Azerbaijan and Near East. Have studied history of material and spiritual culture of Azerbaijan in Bronze Age.

In West part of Azerbaijan have been studied more than 200 archaeological monuments and settlements of Khojali Kedabek culture (second part II- beginning I thousand BC). Have been studied craft, economic life, funeral rites and foreign relations of this archaeological culture.