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Director Maisa Nurbala gizi Rahimova

Doctor of Historical Sciences

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Deputy directors For scientific affairs

Najaf Alasgar oglu Museibli

Doctor of Historical Sciences

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For general affairs

Malik Ali oglu Aliyev

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Scientific secretary Sevil Mahmud gizi Aghamaliyeva

PhD in history

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Establishment history 1993 year
Basic activity directions  Implementing of fundamental and innovative scientific researches in the field of Archaeology and Ethnography in Azerbaijan
Main scientific achievements  As a result of researches carried out by the Azerbaijani archeologists for many years it  has been proven with material facts that our country was one of the  oldest human settlements and  the earliest centers of civilization in world. The investigations determined that the ancient people inhabited  in Azerbaijan two million years ago. Early agricultural settlements of cultures, the settlements of the Bronze Age, city type of monuments, hundreds of graves, antique and medieval cities and etc. numerous archaeological sites have been studied by archaeological excavations. The investigations revealed several unidentified stages of  ancient  history of Azerbaijan and these scientific achievements have resulted in the discovery of  cultural facts which have an essential importance for writin of history of our motherland. It was studied the way of  life, traditions, material and spiritual culture of people with  Ethnographic researchs carried out in all regions of our Republic.
Total number of employees 269
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Scientific Council:

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Dr. Maisa Rahimova

Dr. Najaf  Museibli

PhD. Sevil Aghamaliyeva

academician Teymur Bunyadov

сorresponding member Vali Aliyev

Dr. Qudrat İsmayilzade

Dr. Hidayat Jafarov

Dr. Gafar Jabiyev

Dr. Asadulla Jafarov

Dr. Arif Mammadov

Dr. Tarikh Dostiyev

Dr. Solmaz Maharramova

Dr. Nargiz Guliyeva

Dr. Aliagha Mammadli

PhD. Goshgar Goshgarli

PhD. Safar Ashurov

PhD. Emil Karimov

PhD. Abuzar Alakbarov

PhD. Tavakkul Aliyev

PhD. Zaur Hasanov

PhD. Farhad Guliyev

PhD. Akif Guliyev

PhD. Tofig Babayev

PhD. Bahlul İbrahimli

PhD. Jeyhun Eminli

PhD. Bakhtiyar Jalilov

Parviz Gasimov

Council of  Young Scientists and Specialists:

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Jalilov Bakhtiyar Mazahim oglu

Alekperov Valeh Aladdin oglu

Aliyeva Fidan Azad gizi

Aliyeva Gülana Ilgar gizi

Dissertation Council

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-       scientific secretary

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Teymur Bunyadov

Maisa Rahimova

Safar Ashurov

Sevil Aghamaliyeva

Tofig Babayev

Shirin Bunyadova

Asadulla Jafarov

Hidayat Jafarov

Amrah Dadashov

Tarikh Dostiyev

Abuzar Alakbarov

Tavakkul Aliyev

Bahlul İbrahimli

Emil Karimov

Aliagha Mammadli

Goshgar Goshgarli

Farhad Guliyev

Solmaz Maharramova

Gullu Mammadli

Najaf Museibli

Ali Rajabli

Fazail Valiyev 

Trade Union:

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Abuzar Alakbarov

Tarana Babayeva

Farhad Guliyev

Tarana Guluzadeh

Rizvan Abdullayev

Gulustan İsayeva

Taleh Aliyev 

Doctors of sciences