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Chief  Mina Munshiyeva Kerim gizi

doctor of sciences in chemistry, senior researcher

Total number of employees 6
Basic activity directions   Synthesis of metal-clathrate compounds of transition metals with polybasic carbonicacid derivatives, research of their structural-chemical properties, obtaining of selective sorbents for separation of some biologically active compounds. 
Main scientific achievements  Di, -oligomerization of normal C2-C3 and C3  -cyclic olefines in the presence of:

Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts, based on nickel complexes with P, N, N-S, P-N, P-N-S containing ligands;

P-W, Si-W, P-Mo, Si-Mo 12 heteropoly acids both massive and supported on the various by their acidic-basic properties oxides;

Nickel-ion exchange zeolites of various types