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Chief  Asif Nasib oglu Mammadov

Dr. of chemistry, professor

Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Processing of iron and titanium ore raw materials, production of metallated granules, iron powders for steelmaking and powder metallurgy and research of extraction of other valuable components 
Main scientific achievements  There have been studied and developed processes of deep and complex enrichment of Dashkesan iron ores, pelletizing magnetic super concentrates and their direct reduction by natural gas with obtaining metallized pellets and iron powders; complex processing coastal, shelf, scattered and intrusive titanium magnetites with obtaining alongside with iron powder “an artificial rutile”, chromic compounds, high pure γ-Al2O3, V2O5 and regeneration of used reagents;  complex enrichment of sulphide-magnetite ores of deep bedding of South-Dashkesen deposit with production of high qualitative magnetite super concentrate (70 % Fe) and copper-cobalt flotation concentrate; obtaining of titanium-magnetite concentrates, their pelletization and reduction, as a result of complex processing of newly opened Ajinohur titanium-magnetic sandstones to produce iron powders and titanium compounds and rational use of industrial wastes as well. Development concept of ferrous metallurgy of Azerbaijan has been developed and affirmed by the government. On the basis of the results of rational processing ore and tests on industrial scale, the project of the complex for production of 1 mln. tons of steel from local raw has been worked out jointly with German metallurgical concern “Ferrostal”.