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Chief  Gulmammad Ziyaddin oglu Suleymanov

doctor of sciences in chemistry

Total number of employees 12
Basic activity directions   Synthesis of metal-organic and metal carbonyl compounds of transition elements and obtaining of nanostructured catalysts on their basis and use of them in the conversions of hydrocarbons. 
Main scientific achievements  New class of coordination and metal organic compounds of some transition and rare earth elements with organic and metal carbonyl ligands has been synthesized and investigated. By study of the correlation between structure and properties of these compounds the influence of metal atoms and the nature of ligands on reactivity and on their catalytic and antidetonation properties has been determined, developed the new scientific direction was developed. Some of these compounds were used as octane increasing composition additives for motor and diesel fuels substituting tetraethyl lead (TEL).   Project documentation for wide-scale application was prepared on the basis of alkylferrocene composition “Cryscat”, prepared on the base of chemical and oil chemical raw material of our. Some of new ferrocenyl carbinol metalcomplexes at 20-600C have been used for demercaptanization of sulfurated oil products and high-performance photosensitive elements were produced on polymer carriers. Active and selective catalytic systems were prepared on the base of Zn-Mo for Z-forming process and producing highly boiling oxygen organic compounds from synthesis gas (CO+2H2).