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Chief  Akif Aliyev Shikhan oglu

doctor of sciences in chemistry

Total number of employees 11 
Basic activity directions   Electrochemical synthesis of nickel-cobalt and molybdenum-wolfram alloys. Creation of nano-catalysts for electrocatalytic and photoelectrocatalytic conversions of water and polar organic compounds. 
Main scientific achievements  - Thin semi-conductor films (Pb-Te, Sb-Te, Bi-Te, Cu-Te, Cd-Te,Cd-S, Cd-Se) were obtained by electrochemical method, optimum conditions were established to produce these films and optimum composition for producing quality films was determined.

- Cd and CdS nano particles were obteined by electrochemical method.

- Photo-corrosion proof GaAs/TiO2 and GaP/TiO2 heterosystems were formed and their use in photo electrolysis of water was studied.