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Chief  Nizami Allahverdi oglu Zeynalov 

Doctor of sciences in chemistry

Total number of employees 14
Basic activity directions   Obtaining of nanocomposites of transition metals based on synthetic and natural polymer matrixes, study of their catalytic, sorption properties and biological activity. 
Main scientific achievements  A new principle has been developed to produce complex forming polymer sorbents and metal polymer complex catalysts. Using this principle polymer sorbents and catalysts of a new generation with phosphoryl, carboxyl, pyridine, amine and imine functional groups have been produced. These sorbents and catalysts exhibited high activity and selectivity in various sorption processes and in catalytic reactions of oxidation and hydration of hydrocarbons. Metal complexes immobilized in polymer gels by grafted to resin with chains of macroligands - polyvynilpyridine, polymethacrylic acid, polymethacrylamide and others have been synthesized. It was shown that immobilization of metal complexes in polymer gels leads to the essential increase of activity, selectivity and stability of catalysts in dimerization and codimerization reactions of low molecular olefins. Hydrogels have been synthesized on the basis of synthetic and natural polymers, very swellable in water for transportation of biologically active substances (BAS). Immobilization of BAS on polymer carriers improves their pharmacological properties, increases the time and activity, reduces toxicity, increases the power of effect on affected organs and even increases stability of storage. Immobilization of trypsin on poly-N-vynilpyrollidon, complex poly-N-vynilpyrollidon with ions Cu(II), Co(II), Ni(II) and on grafted copolymer of poly-N-vynilpyrollidon on arabinogalactan has been investigated. It was established that for immobilization of trypsin along with stability and storage of activity the polymer gels are also useful because of possible long-term transportation.