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Chief  Arif Javanshir oglu Efendi 

doctor of sciences in chemistry

Total number of employees 22 
Basic activity directions   Development of effective catalytic systems for utilization of nitrogen and carbon oxides, chlorine hydrocarbons in waste gases which pollute environment. 
Main scientific achievements  Scientific bases have been developed for catalytic oxidation of halogen derivatives of aliphatic, olefin, cyclic, diene and aromatic series of hydrocarbons on surface of vanadium, -molybdenum, phosphor, antimony, cobalt, bismuth oxide catalysts supported on the different carriers with production of  important organic compounds: aldehydes, anhydrides and acids, oxydizing dehydration of low molecular alcohols on the alloys of zirconium, vanadium, molybdenum, iron, and their hydrides. The active and selective catalytic systems have been synthesized for these processes and rows of their activity and selectivity have been established. The kinetic regularities and mechanisms have been determined for every process. The dynamics of deactivation and reactivation has been studied, the kinetic models have been made up, and new non –traditional ways of their activation were proposed. Taking into account the importance of these processes in solution of ecological problems, the principle technological schemes, mathematical models have been elaborated; their optimum projecting was proposed.