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Chief  Gudret Isfandiyar oglu Kelbaliev

doctor of sciences in techniques, professor, corresponding member of ANAS

Total number of employees 56
Basic activity directions   Modeling of chemical processes, study of physical-chemical processes in inorganic systems, disposal of toxic substances and development of processing technology of by-products of chemical industry. 
Main scientific achievements  Analysis and solution of problem of mass- and heat exchange and hydrodynamics in multi- phase systems of turbulence flow, theoretical research and experimental confirmation of coagulation, crushing and deposition of heavy and deformable particles under the effect of external force and their influence on mass and heat transfer and hydrodynamics, rheology and other parameters of the processes have been conducted. Development, modeling and analysis of non-stationary processes, as well as heat exchange systems of oil refining, separation and treatment of oil emulsions, granulation of powdery materials, drying porous bodies in electromagnetic field, treatment of waste waters and many other processes have been developed.