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Chief  Sardar Bahadur oglu Zeynalov

Doctor of sciences in chemistry, professor

Total number of employees 8
Basic activity directions   Synthesis of modified organic ligands for biomimetic catalysts in oxidation reactions with hydrogen peroxide.
Main scientific achievements  More than 200 never-before-known epoxide, multifunctional and macrocyclic compounds have been synthesized and characterized on the base of reactions of ethylene, propylene and epichlorhydrine oxide. Kinetics, mechanism of reactions, direction of asymmetric oxides discovery, reactivity of amines, alcohols, acids, oxyacids, amino alcohols, sulfoacids, thioacids, ketons, oximes, lactams, ketoacids and aminoacids have been investigated. Production process of elementary, compound, compound-elementary epoxyethers, crown compounds, etheroaminoalcohols, diaminoalcohols, amides and azometines have been developed. The compounds were used as biologically active, aromatic substances.