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Chief  Mirsalim Miralam oglu Asadov

doctor of sciences in chemistry, professor, senior researcher

Total number of employees 16
Basic activity directions   Research of physical-chemical processes in multi-component inorganic   systems with micro- and nanoparticles, development of obtaining technology of perspective functional materials on the basis of cadmium-tellurium and  gallium-selenium compounds. 
Main scientific achievements 

Scientific bases for preparation of mono- and polycrystals, glassy phase, nanostructures, multi component alloys, thin films and complex semiconductor inorganic materials with the set of physical and physicochemical properties were developed. Modeling and the analysis of the multi component chalcogenides inorganic systems containing heavy metals are carried out to search and produce materials for electronics and infrared techniques. New semiconductor materials were produced. Topological laws were established in these multi component systems. Physical, physicochemical and thermodynamic properties of created new practically important materials were investigated and calculated. These results were included in the Handbook and International Scientific Databases. The important heterogeneous systems with participation of inorganic systems and as including oil and gas condensate phases were investigated and calculated. Kinetic, thermodynamic laws, trans critical the phenomena and process of formation of gas hydrates system natural gas - water are investigated and calculated. Methods of development of some new effective chemical -technological processes are advanced. The corrosion inhibitors were prepared on the base of gossypium which were approbated in conditions. The properties of optimal inhibitor compositions have been investigated under various industrial conditions. Their mechanisms have been studied as well.