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Chief  Fikret Mammad oglu Sadigov 

Doctor of sciences in techniques, professor

Total number of employees 13
Basic activity directions   Development of ecologically pure processing technology of by-products, including pyrolysis resins, low molecular and waste polyethylenes formed in   chemical industry. 
Main scientific achievements  Satisfactory results were achieved in the treatment of burnt gas of cars using natural compounds of our republic. The composition and deposits of these natural compounds were studied and the dependence of treatment on the composition of these substances was determined. Research works were conducted on treatment of drinking water from mechanical impurities, minerals, organic compounds using natural compounds of our republic. The potable water, which meets international standards, was produced. Dependence of treatment of water on the composition, deposit, size of adsorbents of these compounds was defined. Research works were performed for production of valuable raw material from used polymer materials, from wastes of high molecular compounds, from non-effective products, from wastes of chemical industry in of our republic and favorable results were achieved. The technology and regime of their processing were determined.