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Chief  Hilal Tahirli Muradkhan oglu

Ph.D in chemistry, senior researcher

Total number of employees 16
Basic activity directions   Obtaining of new composite coverings on the basis of carbides, silicides and nitrides of some d-elements for corrosion protection of steel constructions. 
Main scientific achievements  On some design steels (Ст20, Ст410, Ст45, Ст50) physical-chemical parameters of formation of Cr and Ti carbides from gas phase by thermodiffusion method were studied; corrosion-electrochemical, physical-mechanical properties of carbide coverings were studied. Study of physical-chemical characteristics of coverings formed on steels showed that they decrease corrosion rate of steels, steels easily passivate in aggressive mineral acids, neutral media and linear logarithmic dependence between current density value and carbon amount in steels at passive field was determined. Steels covered with carbide coverings by thermodiffusion method can be used in many fields of industry, perto-chemistry, oil-gas extraction, military industry and so on.