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Chief  Ikhtiyar Bakhtiyarly Bakhram oglu

Doctor of sciences in chemistry, professor

Total number of employees 14 
Basic activity directions   Purposeful synthesis and study of new semi-conductor and luminescent substances based on chalcogenides and oxychalcogenides of transition elements. 
Main scientific achievements  When studying the character of chemical interaction on liquidus surface and structural analysis it was established that structure of peritectic compounds and solid products of their decay are connected with each other by alternative simple reconstruction plans and mechanism of cooperative displacement facilitating transition kinetics between peritectic compounds and products of their decay. Basing to the obtained scientific results (with colleagues) 2 new methods were proposed to produce sulphides and oxysulphides of lanthanoids and some effective luminophors were obtained. Cathodoluminophors were synthesized on the basis of solid solutions (Ga2S3)1-x  (Eu2O3)x and photoluminophor on the basis of glasses with composition (Ga2S3)1-x (La2O3)x-y (Er2O3)y, their properties were studied. This material doesn’t lose its spectral characteristics even after long work under aggressive media. Monocrystals of (EuGa2S4)1-x(NdGaS3)x and EuNdGa3S7 of system Nd2S3-Ga2S3-EuS in visible spectrum with green light, luminophore can be used in TV. Nd3+ ions in matrixes in near IR field are used as laser element due to its high efficiency. Photo luminescent properties were studied in the Institute of Physics of NAS of Azerbaijan under leadership of doctor of physical-mathematical sciences, professor O.B.Taghiyev in laboratory “Non-equilibrium conditions of electron processes”. When studying phase equilibrium in the quasi ternary system Er2O3-BaSiO3-ErF3 solid solutions based on BaSiO3 were observed in wide concentration range. Anti-Stokes luminescent properties of soild solutions of (BaSiO3)1-x (ErF3)x were found out. Ytterbium Yb3+ ions were used as a (YbF3) sensitizer to increase luminescent emission of the composition.

Study of luminescent properties of solid composition (BaSiO3)1-2x (ErF3)x (YbF3)x showed that energy transmission flows from Yb3+ to Er3+ ion resulting increase of luminescent emission. The solid solution can be used as an effective anti-Stokes luminophore in fibre-optic link and night-vision equipments. Properties of anti-Stokes luminescence were studied in Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University in Paris in the Institute “Nanoscience” with professors Carlos Bartau and Paul Benalo. Mutual results were published in international journal. It was found that samples of the composition [Bi2Te3]1-y [(Sb2Te3)1-x (Gd2Te3)x]y during change of amount of [(Sb2Te3)1-x (Gd2Te3)x]y allow to produce semi-conductor materials of «n» and «р» type conductivity. The reason is that when increasing amount of gadolinium that is substitution of bismuth with gadolinium results formation of antisite defects and concentration of charge carrier changes due to the displacement. Peltier element was formed on the basis of “n” type conductor [Bi2Te3]1-y [(Sb2Te3)1-x (Gd2Te3)x]y and “p” type conductor (Sb2Te3)1-x (Bi2Te3)x-y (Gd2Te3)y. It was found that thermoelectric effectiveness of this element at 300К gets maximum value and at optimum tension is cooled to ~ 400, this allows to use this material for preparation of thermoelectrical refrigerators.

Proposed methods and materials were confirmed by certificate of authorship and patent. Measurement of thermoelectric proeprties and interpretation were performed by correspondent member of ANAS, Dr. Physical-mathematical sciences, professor J.Sh.Abdinov.