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Chief  Mammadov Khagani Farzulla oglu 
Doctor of chemical sciences
Total number of employees 24 
Basic activity directions   Distribution in the nature of radioactive materials and substances related radio ecological problems, the scientific basis for radiation safety and the impact of ionizing radiation on the environment 
Main scientific achievements  1. Classified and identified the current state of the main factors which characterize the radiological situation of the Azerbaijan Republic.
2. Identified that the observed 238U, 235U, 234U in rivers, water basins, sediment and soil have natural character. Their general scheme of migration and accumulation was given.
3. The effect of oil and gas production, which is the foundation of the economy of Azerbaijan, on the environment by the example many oil and gas companies. The distribution of radionuclides in gaseous, liquid and solid states in consequence of the process oil and gas production. Identified a total background radiation areas and distance effects of ionizing radiation.
4. Identified the role of transportation of natural radionuclides from the soil surface in the water pools on the territory of oil. Identified the composition of radionuclides by deposits and depth of formation waters. Evaluated the activity of radon in the air on the territory contaminated liquid and solid emissions, as part of which the decomposition products of radium isotopes.
5. Investigated the influence of natural radionuclides in the composition of the expected layers on the example selected mountain regions of Azerbaijan. It is found that some areas of relatively high concentrations by radionuclides. Also found a fact impact of radionuclides on the water potential in mountain and foothill areas.
6. Investigated the amount of radionuclides in groundwater and soils in the lowland areas of our country. Determined that in each system, the distribution of natural isotopes below normal international requirements.