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Chief  Elimkhan Suleyman oglu Jafarov

Doctor of Biological Sciences 

Total number of employees 10 
Basic activity directions   Radiobiological and radioecological research
Main scientific achievements  At one of the locally contaminated by different radio nuclides site Apsheron Peninsula (on the territory of Romani plant for production iodine):

1. Defined qualitative and quantitative composition of radio nuclides, especially their distribution on a horizontal plane and the peculiarity of their vertical movement in the soil profile;

2. Studied migratory characteristics of these radio nuclides in the chain "soil-plant" and general patterns of their accumulation in different organs of plants.

3. Studied influence of ionizing radiation, both on biometrics, and the reproduction of plants growing on the contaminated site;

4. Studied influence of ionizing radiation on photosynthesis in plants chronically exposed populations;

5. Studied correlative functioning of elements antioxidant defense system of plants in conditions of radiation stress.