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Chief  Gurbanov Muslum Ahmad oglu 

Doctor of chemical sciences, professor

Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Development of environmental problems of energy sector by application of radiation technology.

1. Study of  PCB oils fraction composition at the radiolysis.

2. Study of  kinetics of the formation of  intermediate products of phenol radiolitic degradation  
Main scientific achievements  1. Develop the scientific bases of radiation-chemical treatment of waste gas;

2. Develop the scientific bases of hydrogen-desulphurization of natural gas;

3. Determine optimal parameters of radiation-chemical stability of carbon dioxide;

4. Study the combined processes of hydrogen production out of hydrogen-sulphide;

5. Develop the scientific bases for radiation-chemical water treatment from chloric and polycyclic aromatic compounds;

6. Study the radiation-chemical resistance of polychlorbiphenyl (PCB);

7. Study water treatment from PCB by non-traditional methods (photochemical and radiation-chemical) methods.