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Chief  Corresponding member of ANAS, professor Mustafayev Islam Israfil oglu   
Total number of employees 13 
Basic activity directions   Solve ecological problems in oil industry by radiation-chemical methods.
Main scientific achievements  - Special amount (calculated per 1 ton raw materials) of hazardous wastes emitted into the atmosphere in oil extraction, treatment, transportation and refining processes has been determined.

- Impact of methane emissions on the photo-stimulated physicochemical processes in the upper layers of atmosphere and the stationary concentration of ozone has been studied.

- Semi-empiric formula of temperature and dose rate dependence providing maximal radiation effect on the base of general kinetic model of organic fuels’ radiation-thermal transformation has been iterated.

- Optimal conditions providing chain regime of radiation-chemical decomposition process of hydrocarbons in liquid medium have been determined, a kinetic model of the process has been designed.

- Optimal conditions of organic fuels’ radiation-thermal desulphurization have been revealed and a kinetic model has been proposed.

- The laws of oil degradation processes in the environment have been studied and the role of radiation in these processes has been evaluated.

- Projects on the Influence of Oil Transportation on the Environment, Radiation Safety of the Caspian Region and Ecological Problems in the Caspian Sea have been implemented in collaboration with Europena Union, NATO and Open Society Institute.