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Chief  Mahmudov Hokman Movajat oglu

PhD in chemistry 

Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Hydrogen energy, the transformation of energy processes of radiation and photo chemical problems

1. Radiation and photochemical method transformation of natural resources in the homo-and hetero systems, by receiving of molecular hydrogen and the ways of increasing of its output.

2. Exploring of the ways of the application of radiation and photochemical technologies in the solution of environmental problems. 

Main scientific achievements  1. Different absorbed doses in different environments, and the magnitude of water and hydrocarbons on the surface of Nano-sized catalyst decomposition kinetics were studied in greater depth, and in accordance with the mechanisms identified. Physical and chemical properties of the substance from the absorption dose of ionizing radiation, depending on the amount determined critical values.

2. Gas mixture of radiation and photochemical products based on photochemical treatment technologies have been investigated and determined  in accordance with the mechanism of transformation kinetics.  The degree of purification of the intensity of the absorbed dose, as well as other parameters on the basis of the obtained kinetic dependences are calculated during the completion of the process.