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Chief  Samadov Ogtay Abil oglu

Doctor in phys.-math., professor

Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Produce of disordered solid solutions by alloying and radiation influence methods and study of their dielectric and electric impedance spectrum.
Main scientific achievements  TlInS2 In crystal it has been observed anomalies in temperature dependencies of dielectric permittivity and loss-angle tangent at more than 300K temperature (at paraelectric phase). It has been shown that, the boundary of high frequency region in (Z″−Z′) complex plane diagram of γ-irradiated TlInS2 crystal, slips towards frequency decrease with increase of irradiation dose. The conductivity mechanism in both irradiated and nonirradiated TlInS2 crystal has been determined (electron and at high temperatures – ion). Polarization type: electron and ion-relaxation polarization. Equivalent scheme has been established.