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Chief  Rzayev Perviz Fikri oglu

Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor 

Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Alternative energy, Heat engineering, Energy transformations.
Main scientific achievements  Scientific research works on alternative energy begun from 1974. Research works aimed at resolving the local technical issues in the first period was dominated. In connection with the next energy crisis started in the world in 1977, the using of turning of solar and wind energy by hydrogen carrier have been carried out and the following important results of scientific researchers were received.

- Designed, created and climatic conditions Baku researched a number of individual and combined solar and wind energy projects, which include:

- Solar photovoltaic and wind energy plants for production of high-purity hydrogen and oxygen from water under pressure (the installation applied for heat treatment of small-sized jewelry);

- Anticorrosive protection systems for underground metal equipments from electrochemical corrosions, and electrical power supplied from the photovoltaic and wind power sources (used for corrosion protection of gas pipeline Sumgait-Karadag, 300 m in length and 3 km, respectively);

- System for heating greenhouse type, fed, simultaneously from two wind units (system used to heat the greenhouses of the closed type with an area of 150 m2);

- Various modifications of the separate and combined solar and wind installations for heat supply and hot water supply;

- Thermo chemical reactor and dosing systems for hydrogen and combustible gas mixtures (H2 + CO + CH4, etc.) on the high-temperature solar installation with parabolic concentrator (at the reactor and obtained 4 patents);

- Optimizing device, as well as tracking systems and security systems of alternative energy sources. (On most of these devices and systems received copyright certificates of the USSR and patents of the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan);

- First developed a mathematical model of solar electrolysis plants for production of hydrogen and oxygen from water under pressure, as well as solar parabolic concentrator with high temperature to produce flammable gas mixture of biomass and organic waste;

- Conducted numerous studies to identify opportunities to use wind and solar power in