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Chief  Sardarli Rauf Madat oglu

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, professor 

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Basic activity directions   Sardarly R. M is the expert in area of solid state physics. He is engaged in researches of vibration spectra and lattice dynamics of extremely anisotropic, layered and chained crystals. Results of these researches are published in 57 international reviewed journals (peer-reviewed scientific journals), in Republican editions (71) were reported at the international and republican conferences (125), he has 8 patents and also in two monographers published in Baku and New York.  Within the framework of the International agreements and contracts Sardarly R. M. has scientific connections with several centres of science and scientists, namely:


Проф. Hans D.Hochheimer, Department of Physics of Colorado State University


Проф. Jean Louis Coutaz, IMEP-LAHC, Universite de Savoie


Проф.W. Kleemann, DuisburgDuisburg-EssenUniversity


Проф. Harry E. Ruda Chair in Advanced Nanotechnology, Engineering University of Toronto


Alexander M. Panich, Prof. Department of Physics, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, Israel 
Main scientific achievements  Complex investigation of the dielectric and electric properties of γ-irradiated TllnS2 crystal, study the dynamics of the compounds with relaxor properties. Relaxor state forms at the result of heterogeneous charge distribution in nano-regions at the expense of electric charge localization at defects. Due to the conducted studies a mesocopic structrure of TllnS2 crystal have been obtained and its physical parameters have been investigated. It has been established that by influencing the electronic subsystems the dielectric properties of relaxors can be changed. It is supposed that charge transport in the temperature range at which a stable relaxor state exists is connected with electron tunneling from electron levels through the potential barrier generated by the superlattice of the TllnS2 crystal. The possibility of terahertz Bloch generator operation on the base of the super-structures of AIIIBIIICVI2 compoundshas been stated.