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Chief  Mammadov Shiraz Majnun oglu

Doctor of Chemical Sciences 

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Basic activity directions   To produce materials on the base of elastic and plastic polymers in the presence of low-molecular compounds by radiation-chemical methods (polymerization and vulcanization); Study the cross-linking processes progressing in a ploymer molecule in the presence of nitrogen, chlorine and other aromatic compounds; Study the molecular structure, the mechanism of free radical formation and rheology of polymers using a physicochemical analysis method.
Main scientific achievements  At the result of the carried out studies polymer materials resistant to agressive substances and high temperature have been produced by a radiation-chemical technology method. The scientifically, theoretically and practically developed and radiation-produced elastomer materials have been applied as qualitative polymer materials resistant to high operation properties in different fields of industry: engineering industry, oil and underground industries. Due to the conducted studies new low-molecule organic compounds (epoxide, triazine, dinamine) have been recommended for polymer technology as a sensibilizer and cross-linking agent. Two monographs have been dedicated to the study. The conducted researches have been covered in 120 articles and 20 patents.